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Yasmina, sometimes known as 'The English Rose of Cairo', has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of Egyptian oriental dance as a performer, teacher and choreographer. Originally from the UK she spent many years travelling and dancing her way around the Middle East before settling in Cairo in 1995. Here she performed for many years with her orchestra, becoming one of the city's best-loved dancers. Cairo is till Yasmina's home, where she hosts dancers and dance groups from around the world and provides services ranging from accommodation, choreography, training and coaching in oriental dance, to publicity photography and music production.

Tel: +2012-27465185

Email: yasmina@yasminaofcairo.com

Web Site: www.yasminaofcairo.com

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Yasmina of Cairo

Yasmina’s Belly Dancers’ B&B

Workshops & Activities Schedule
Yasmina has headlined numerous festivals and theatre shows in the past several years including:

Beatta and Horacio Cifuentes Summer Festival, Berlin; Turkish Delight Festival, Istanbul; Jewel of Yorkshire, UK; Belly Dance Congress, UK; Raqs Congress, Brussels; Bozar Theatre, Brussels; Celebrating Dance, UK; Farha Tour, UK and Australia. Solo tours and workshops in South Africa, Australia and the UK, France, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Spain, USA, Japan and more…

Workshop and Activities Schedule 2018 - 2019

24th February -2nd March:
Cairo Dance Holiday for Christine Yaven’s belly dance group from Indonesia.

March 25th to April 2nd
Cairo Dance Holiday for Senta Duffield’s South African belly dance group.

April 2nd to 7th
Dance and photo shooting trip to Siwa Oasis

April 8th to 15th
Cairo Dance Holiday coordinator for Nayima Hassan’s Australian belly dance tour.

April 14th to 21st
Cairo Dance holiday for Caroline Chatel’s French belly dance group.

April 22nd to 25th
Cataract Hotel, Cairo
International Sagat Festival in Cairo

  April 27th to 29th April
Bali, Indonesia...’Raks By The Sea’ Festival
Email: :raqsbythesea@gmail.com

May 8th to 12th
Luxor, Egypt: Camp Negum Nile Cruise
Workshops and performances with live music.
To book: www.campnegum.com

June 7th to 10th
Helsinki, Finland
Helwa Helsinki International Dance Festival
To book: www.studiohenna.fi

August 17th
Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) Summer School at Wellington College, UK History and Culture Course

September 8th and 9th
Rochester, UK
JWAAD History and Culture Course Part 1
To book: www.faridadance.com

November 17th and 18th
Rochester, UK
JWAAD History and Culture Course Part 2
To book: www.faridadance.com

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